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There is no bad moment for traveling, but still, springtime is somehow the most beautiful time to run away from everyday life for a bit. If you are a classical music devotee, your ‘escape’ will certainly get an extra star if you paint it with the extraordinary music from fairy tale surroundings. We are suggesting a few musical events in the cities you must visit at least once, if not several times.

So, don’t let the spring air under the new sky intoxicate you without music – mottle it with magic sparks, the ones that truly come to life only with the blink of the strings, keys or voice that has been set free. Sparks that are similar, for example, to that moment when fairy turns Pinocchio into a real boy with her magic stick. If you are traveling particularly to Collodi’s homeland these days, regardless of whether it is Florence or Rome for example, a wooden doll in various shapes and sizes will watch you from almost every corner. The same thing goes for street musicians – the sounds of well known arias, songs and melodies will reach you from every bridge or square, filling the asphalt with music of various harmonies. However, if you want an exquisite experience of Italy, then you must not pass by Italian composers – whether it is Vivaldi, Verdi or Rota.


*La Dolce Vita: Great Italian Movie Songs With Dinner, Monday, 21st of May (28. 05., 4. 06.), 20.30

Beside obligatory photo taking and making a wish by throwing coins at the Fontaine di Trevi where the cult scene from ”Dolce Vita” was filmed, there is a special program made for the Felini’s 1960. classic fans.. Check it out.

*Vivaldi’s Four Seasons meets Bach’s Masterpieces with Dinner, Monday, 21st May (28. 05, 4. 06), 18:30

In case you prefer dinner with baroque masters, Vivladi’s Seasons combined with Bach are not to be missed. Check it out

*La Traviata in Rome & Dinner: Giuseppe Verdi, Tuesday, 22nd of May (29.05., 12.06.) 18:30

Verdi! The greatest Italian composer at least when it comes to opera. Don’t miss him in a unique Italian ambient. Check it out

*Opera Serenades by Night: Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, Tuesday, 22nd of May (5.06, 12.06.) 18:30

If you are looking for a true romance, there is no better place than the very heart of Rome and the evening filled with arias and love duets. Check it out.

*The most beautiful arias of Italian opera: Capriccio Italiano Festival, Friday 25th of May (8.06, 15.06.), 20:30

The last Friday in Rome is in the sign of the opera! Choose between the most beautiful Italian arias on ‘Capriccio Festival’ or ‘Opera and Aperitif’. Check it out


Visit some of the best concert halls in the ‘City of lights’ and enjoy the master interpretations!

*András Schiff plays Beethoven: Orchestre de Paris, Wednesday, 23rd of May (24.05.), 20:30. For more information click here.

*Tabea Zimmermann conducts the Orchestre de chambre de Paris: Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Thursday, 24th of May, 20:00. For more information click here.

*The Last! Beethoven’s most beautiful sonatas (VIII) and the exceptional pianist Vardan Mamikonian, Friday, 25th of May, 20:30, Salle Gaveau. For more information click here

If you really want to make Paris unforgettable, don’t miss attending the opera in the Palace of Versailles!

*Lully’s Phaéton: Château de Versailles, Wednesday, 30th of May (1.06, 2.06.), 20:00, Versailles Palace, Check it out





There is no bad concert recommendation when it comes to Vienna. Some of the Vienna’s uniqueness are musical events in Mozart’s house, and performances offered by Musikverein, Schönbrun or the magnificent baroque Karlskirche – perfect for Mozart’s Requiem.

*Concerts in Mozart’s House, Thursday, 17th of May (18. 05, 19.05.), 19:30 . Check it out.

*Schönbrunn Palace Concerts, Thursday, 17th of May, 20:30 (18.05, 19. 05.). Check it out.

*Mozart Concert & Dinner: Delightful Vienna, Friday, 18th of May, 18:00. Check it out.

*Mozart Requiem in Vienna, Karlskirche, Saturday, 19th of May, 20:15,  Check it out.

Don’t miss Volksoper Wien performances in May – Wizard of Oz, Sweeney Todd, Fleder Maus, Magic flute and many many more in the capital of valses and operettas. Check it out


These are just some of the events in Rome, Paris and Vienna. With CLASSICTIC you can search for all leading musical events around the world in the period that matches your trip!


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