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Many people throughout the time had a vision of the world around us, which sometimes made them marginalised by the society and considered a little ‘wacky’ at best – originating all the way  from the old (terrible and insane) claim that the Earth is actually round…  This should not dissuade us from fantasising because it happens often that even the images from our wildest dreams can become real! One of the examples is the desert planet Tatooine! It is showcased as fantasy in Star Wars because of its two suns – Tatoo I and Tatoo II. Surprisingly, it was recently discovered that solar systems like that really exist! There are probably a lot of people today, both celebrities and the ‘ordinary’ ones, living ahead of their time, having slightly different world views that are generally considered strange! How does one deal with such judgements? Well, one way could be the following: when someone tells you ‘you are mad’, simply nod your head and whisper ‘just don’t tell anyone’! And, of course, keep doing things your own way!

Today, we chose two people that fit this description perfectly! The first one is Frances – an actress and one of the many misunderstood women of the previous century that was simply born at the wrong time. John Barry dedicated one of the most beautiful scores to her, or rather to the story inspired by her life! The music is so powerful that it will make you want to see the movie or bring back the tears if you have already watched it.



If we were to imagine ClassicAll radio as a planet, and Frances as Tatoo I, then Tatoo II has to be another ‘alien’! And it was like he really was an alien who ended up on our planet and made her infinitely more interesting! Maybe you’ve guessed who it’s about – Major Tom, The Duke, Ziggy Stardust or simply David Bowie! 8th January would have marked his 70. Birthday, and year after he ascended to the stars we are remembering him by his unsurpassed melodies, questions and important radio messages that the Star man was sending to the kids: let the children boogie!

David Bowie’s originals are always unquestionably better than covers. Knowing that, the artists that perform his music don’t even attempt to top him, but instead honour him by playing the songs that have already became classics! We suggest FIVE portraits of David Bowie: the first one interpreted by Ziggy himself, and the rest by the London Symphony Orchestra, Mike Garson, Bojan Z quartet and Philip Glass! The further research of D. B’s music as well as covers – we leave to you!


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