Dušan Popović Lipovac (guitar) is the creator of Spona – a musical ensemble whose idea is fusing Balkan music with flamenco elements.

During his life in Spain he explored the possibility of fusing Balkan music with the elements from flamenco and composed Balkan Taranta – a composition which was a part of his master thesis. He also wrote the first bars of a composition named Entrada and later, the rest of the album Reflections from the Mediterannean.

Beside him, the ensamble has five more members: Sara Kutlešic (piano) Radost Galonja Krtinić (voice), Katarina Radivojević (percussion), Bojan Krtinić Bbach (clarinet/percussion), Szűcs Dávid (bass/double bass).

Spona tends to combine the elements from both music traditions of the lands sharing similar history. From traditional songs of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and sevdah all the way to Spanish rhythms inspired by rumba, tangos, bulerias, this ensemble is characterized by a powerful sound, recognizable melodies and harmonies close to the people from Balkan and Iberian peninsula.

Find out what Spona really means and what it sounds like!