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From Bach to Beatles and beyond


ClassicAll is a beautiful, virtual place where music creates a world of its own. Following the idea of every good music being sort of a classic, we combine the most loved & significant classical pieces, soundtracks, jazz classics & jazzy covers of famous classical themes, various instrumental & choral versions of pop & rock songs that marked the 20st century. In spite of the fact that it is placed in a distant online place, with this unique mix of genres and music that is carefully chosen, we try to create a medium that is pleasant and familiar.


We also created a blog that speaks about music, artists, movies… from various different angles. These short articles are imagined like radio announcements, short stories, concert reviews.... and hence there are five sections: Theme playlists, For Kids, Readings, Stories Behind Scenes and Of music and other worlds.

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ClassicAll radio team:

Ivana Ljubinkovic - music editor, author of the texts
Jelena Jorgacevic Kisic – author of the texts
Svetlana Trtica – author of the texts

Nemanja Niciforovic – technical support


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