Play what drives you, it will be the only thing you will be truly good at!

Dušan Popović Lipovac is a very unique guitarist from Kovin. Combining sports and arts is not very tipical, however Dušan found the ideal balance for bringing his two loves together – karate and music. He started his education with the classical music which is still the foundation from which he observes other musical genres he is strongly drawn by – Balkan music and flamenco.

Dušan was the only foreign student that got accepted to the master studies of musical investigation in Murcia, Spain. During his stay, he visited the famous flamenco landmarks, learned about the life of Roma, Hebrews, Muslims and Christians through history and discovered a connection between Iberia and Balkans.

His master thesis, named Interaction and fusion of the Balkan music with flamenco served as basis for the album called Reflections from the Mediterranean which he started performing with the group SPONA - DUŠAN POPOVIĆ LIPOVAC. Thanks to his wide experience and knowledge, his compositions represent something you could say is an extraordinary mixure between the sound that his two biggest role models – Miroslav Tadic and Vicente Amigo – represent.

The beautiful Balkanska Taranta is a perfect example to it.