The best Serbian violist and a charismatic artist full of enthusiasm – those are the most common descriptions of Saša Mirković coming from the critics, as well as the audience and musicians who had the opportunity to work with him.

Whether he performs as a soloist, in a chamber ensemble, orchestra or in a duo alongside an accordion, Mirković gives a new meaning to viola making it an ideal instrument for expressing various music aesthetics.

He is also an important figure when it comes to the organization of the musical life of Belgrade. One of his many interesting projects was the concert in 2016. called "Nach Bach + 1", when he performed the contemporary pieces inspired by Bach’s solo suites. Saša generally has a special affinity to modern music, so he continuously works with young composers. By doing so, he creates and promotes the modern sound of classical music which eventually became familiar and attractive to listeners (he premiered over 80 solo, chamber and concert pieces for viola).

In year 2005. he formed an ensemble called Metamorphosis which performed under his guidance around the world. Tonal diversity, suggestive and emotional playing, virtuosity... You can find it all in the unique sound of this artist. Listen now!