Since 2005. the ensemble Metamorphosis performs under the guidance of charismatic and devoted viola player Saša Mirković, who is of a ‘spiritus movens’ to them then their conductor. From the very start the ensemble was showing promise of something new and exciting with its superb and innovative performance of primarily contemporary music, as well as well known classical pieces. Young, energetic and well trained musicians full of fresh ideas kept their enthusiasm in exploring and presenting new pieces to the audience through all these years and because of it, their concerts are always greeted with standing ovations.

Metamorphosis performed at the most important festivals in Serbia, but also around the world (Carnegie Hall, NY Philharmonic, Walt Disney, Sidney Opera, Barbican, Salle Pleyel...). Their specialty also lays in the ability to transform if necessary, by adding instruments, electronic and stage elements. This act represents a form of metamorphosis by moving the direction towards the genres of popular music, combining classical idioms with ethno and jazz, audio and video technology (collaboration with Goran Bregović and his project Orchestra for weddings and funerals, Tolerant Heart, Alcohol i Memoirs of Queen Margot, and also the spectacular performance with Vanessa May).

Ensemble Metamorphosis plays with such conviction, energy and bravery, transmitting the richness of emotions and colors. A wonderful orchestra for listening. David Tacheno, Guildhall school for music and drama

Listen here to the ClassicAll radio’s favorite: Winter by Dragana Jovanović!