New Year's Happiness

Regardless of all the different views, people can generally agree on one thing: there is nothing more honest that a look given by a child or a dog. Children laugh in average 400 times a day. Medium size dog wags his tail more than 250.000 times during the 24 hour time frame. In some way, […]

Music for a Yo Yo

To become an adult and at the same time manage to preserve the child inside you is maybe the best wish we can grant ourseves. That would mean that we are capable to play and to have fun in our adulthood, free from the burdern of modern life, if at least for a little while. […]

Peter and The Wolf

Children were always considered the most sincere audience and thus the most demanding one! Because, there is no false applause – they will either love something or they will unequivocally show their protest. Back in 1936. the famous soviet composer Sergei Prokofiev faced the challenge of having children as musical critics when he was commissioned […]