Sibiu Jazz Festival is considered to be unique in Romania, in terms of its longevity, consistency and the impressive number of celebrities that honored it with their presence. It is the oldest of its kind in the country and one of the oldest jazz festivals worldwide, which made a good cause for Sibiu to be declared „Romania’s Jazz Capital” in the 80’s. In the world, there are not many festivals of jazz that can boast with over 46 years of successful activity given that the entire history of jazz is barely one century old.

The designated purpose of the Sibiu Jazz Festival is to continuously and constantly revitalize the jazz movement in Romania in the spirit of jazz tradition in Sibiu, by connecting it with the European and international jazz trends and by promoting Romanian values abroad and thereby becoming a cultural stray point, both for the city and to all jazz fans in Romania.

The past experience adds to every edition, a fresh and permanent connection with modernism and expansionism of our days, without omitting the elegance and the exquisite approach of jazz music.

The 48th edition of Sibiu Jazz Festival will take place between 17-20 May 2018. The main stage will be placed outdoors, right in the center of the town. More than 80 artists from 15 countries will be present in Sibiu. Looking forward to welcoming you! More details on: