Its principal merit in my view is the varied beauty of its various expression possibilities - silent, calm, impassioned, dreamy, melancholic or vague like the gentle whisper of an echo. Hector Berlioz

The beginning of autumn is the perfect time to enjoy all the diversity saxophone has to offer! Visit Belgrade Saxperience Festival from 4 - 7 October and get to know classical, jazz, tango and modern sound of this amazing instrument all around Belgrade concert halls and at open-air events.

For the 4th time Belgrade Saxperience Festival continues to pursue its original idea - the presentation of saxophone, solo and in various ensembles, in different eras and in different genres. We also continue the tradition of encouraging local composers to create new pieces for saxophone.

Regarding the performances that are held in closed venues, our recommendation is the program Ladies Night at Kolarac Concert Hall and Saxperience nights that show the magic of this instrument in the club atmosphere. It is also important to note that we prepared open-air concerts for our new, young audience, at different locations in the city. Within our second tour Le Tour de Sax the audience outside Belgrade will get the chance to be the part of this unique saxophone experience.

Check out the whole program here!

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