"This fesitval is a wonderful venture… diverse, colorful, exciting and dynamic, an almost marathon friendship between numerous artists and piano sound lovers." Nera Beljanski, professor at the "Isidor Bajić“ musical school

The city of Novi Sad which proudly boasts its famous pianistic tradition becomes the true piano city for one weekend in September and for the first time welcomes you to the marvelous festival appropriately called the Piano City. This festival was already being held in Berlin, Milano and Napoli.

The opening event is reserved for 8 p.m. on Friday at the Synagogue in Novi Sad and the audience will have the opportunity to listen to the famous jazz pianist Aleksanadar Jovanovic Šljuka and the spectaculous pieces for three pianos and twelve hands! These compositions were written specially for this occasion by the composers Ljubomir Nikolić, Svetozar Nešić i Julija Bal and will be performed by pianists Slobodanka Stević, Julija Bal, Jelena Bajić Bojanić, Dunja Crnjanski, Jovana Radovanović, Aleksandra Šuntić, Milica Ćosić, Aleksandar Gligić​ and percusionist ​ Laszlo Kollar. On Saturday and Sunday at the same place and at the same time the two grand pianistic names will add a special flavour to the festival: Zlata Chochieva and Darko Candela.

During the whole day a marathon all across the city featuring over a hundred pianists that will perform on 21 locations – the Danube park, Museum of Vojvodina, Hall and Atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Studio M’s lobby and many other places. The special environment of six home piano recitals will certainly be a special experience not to miss.

Besides classical music, the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy jazz concerts, movie themes, improvised compositions, world music and original pieces. You can check the complete program on the festival's website listed below.

Web-site: www.pianocitynovisad.com
Facebook: mistyland2017