The bustling walled city of Dubrovnik hosts its spectacular and one of the oldest European festivals – the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – presenting rich and vibrant theatre, ballet, opera, classical music, jazz, fine arts, film and folklore programme. The ambience and the City as a unique meeting place of the world's and Croatia's finest artists remain the basic feature of the forthcoming 69th Festival. Review of top solo artists like Mischa Maisky, Daniil Trifonov and Cameron Carpenter to name a few, chamber ensembles and orchestras from all around the world will be performing this year on remarkable historical squares, palaces, churches, gardens and streets of the Renaissance-Baroque City of Dubrovnik.

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Crucial for the success of the Festival are its longevity and continuously high artistic standard, but also the Festival’s concept, which makes it different from numerous other European summer festivals. Namely, unlike the majority of other summer festivals, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival doesn’t use open air venues as mere visual attractions and face walls of the palaces and beautiful gardens only as sets. In Dubrovnik the space is decisive in creating a theatrical event. That is the reason why our catalogue, during the almost six decades of existence, comprises nearly 120 various venues! That actually means almost the entire City and the sea surrounding it, which results in a unique bond between the City and the Festival.

VENUE: more than 15 different venues in the Old City of Dubrovnik and its surrounding area

PERIOD: 10 July – 25 August 2018

EVENTS: more than 80 theatre, classical music, jazz, opera, ballet, folklore and other events

ARTISTS: approx. 2000 international

ONLINE TICKETS: available on the festival website

Facebook page: dubrovnik.festival
Youtube channel: dljidubrovnik
Twitter: @duljetneigre
Instagram: @dubrovnikfestival