DORTJOL FESTIVAL is cross-genre music festival in organization of Foundation Abarid and Balkan Academy of Music. From June 26th to July 1st, 27 musicians from Serbia and abroad, well known for their performances in world of Jazz, world music and classical music, will meet in Belgrade and participate on DORTJOL FESTIVAL.

Through the workshops, master classes, recording sessions and live concerts, we want to make DORTJOL FESTIVAL to be a unique platform of cultural exchange, musical education and to enrich the cultural life of Belgrade.

Like the Belgrade neighborhood of Dorćol, our festival’s name derived from Turkish word “Dört yol“, which literally means “crossroad”. During the 6 days cultural exchange programs (June 26th – June 30th) and 3 concerts days (June 29th – July 1st), in authentic and new venues of Jazz Club “Mihailo Miša Blam” and Dorćolsko Narodno Pozorište, as well as widely known KC Grad, we want to create “new harmony on the crossroad” rich with sounds from the East and the West.

Musicians performing on DORTJOL FESTIVAL are: Lula Pena (PT), Ensemble Lale (GE), Iva Jovanović, Tamara Aleksic, Branislava Podrumac, Vladimir Andric (SRB), Dragana Tomic and friends (SRB), Thimios Atzakas (GR), Agios Lavrentios Brass Band (NZ, GR, DE, ES, ITA), and ad hoc band Berlin-Belgrade Dub Connection (DE, SRB).

The concerts are as follows:

June 29 at 8:30 PM - 11 PM @Jazz Club “Mihailo Miša Blam“ (Kralja Petra 71)
“Insence of Music”
- “Concert for Solo Ud” - Thimios Atzakas (GR);
- “Cabaret of Love”- Iva Jovanović (piano), Tamara Aleksić (poetry), Branislava Podrumac (sopran), Vladimir Andric (baritone) (SRB);

June 30 at 8:30 PM - 11 PM @Jazz Club “Mihailo Miša Blam“ (Kralja Petra 71)
- “Love song from Georgia” – Ensemble Lale (GE)
- “Love song from Serbia” – Dragana Tomić i prijatelji (SRB)

June 30 at 11:30 PM @Dorćolsko Narodno Pozorište
- “Sound Kitchen” - Agios Lavrentios Brass Band (NZ, GR, DE, ES, ITA)

July 1 at 10:00 PM @KC Grad
- “Live in Belgrade” – Lula Pena (PT) and Hayden Chisholm (NZ)
- “Ad hoc Jam session” - Belgrade – Berlin Dub Connection (SRB, DE)

The Art director of DORTJOL FESTIVAL is Hayden Chisholm, a New Zealand saxophonist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. His work has touched on a wide range of musical genres but he is best known for his jazz, improvised and contemporary classical music.

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