One of the greatest composers of all time, ’’the poet of the piano’’ – Frederic Chopin, still brings inspiration to anyone who loves classical music. Thanks to the Belgrade Chopin Fest, the audience eager to hear his compositions and the musicians who love performing them, have the opportunity to remember him in a very special way.

The 7th edition of Belgrade Chopin Fest will be held from 7th – 13th of May 2018.

With the support of the Polish Embassy in Belgrade, BCF keeps making classical music more popular year after year by presenting every aspect of Chopin's life and work and the influences he had on other musicians. One of the main accents of the festival is the pianist contest that continues the tradition of promoting young talents, as well as the concerts of the local and international accomplished artists. This year you can expect great names of the pianistic world – Eugen Indjić, Michael Leslie, Nino Gurevich, Congyu Wang and Leszek Możdżer. One of the novelties is the program called "Chopin café" taking place on May 9th where you can discover how Chopin’s music correlates with poetry.

Before the Fest officially starts, there is an introductory program on April 28th ‘U susret Sopen Festu’ (Expecting Chopin Fest) intended for the youngest Chopin fans. Take your children, grandchildren and nephews to Kolarac where you can all learn how to listen to Chopin together!

Check out the whole program here!