With the beginning of every November, Belgrade transforms into a baroque city for a few days and the concert halls, resembling courthouses, are filled with the refined sound of the harpsichord. Since 2003. Čembalo Fest promotes artists that are specially devoted to this epoch, baroque music literature and the interpretation that is characteristic to it. It also makes harpsichord more popular by organizing masterclasses for university and high school students.

This year’s festival is offering beautiful concerts from 31. October - 9. November. Local artists, as well as guests from Austria, Italy, Croatia and USA will give you the chance to get to know and love the pieces written for harpsichord, chamber ensemble and orchestra. Travel through time with Čembalo Fest and music written from 14. century until now and you will see how harpsichord is still the living art!

The admission to all concerts is free, for more information about the program click here!