Arilje’s Summer Music Manifestation or simply ARLEMM is a cultural-educational manifestation that holds a special place in Serbia’s map of cultural events mostly because of its unique mixture of art, music & nature. From 14 – 29 July this wonderful city in west Serbia will become the center of musical happenings for the 9th time. By connecting visual and audio experience on one side and the development of ecological awareness on the other, ARLEMM found the original way to spread the true culture values among the children and the wider social community.

ARLEMM gathers the most eminent artists, professors and pedagogues from different art fields so the visitors can attend various concerts of classical, traditional, spiritual music and jazz. The concerts are held in different venues in Arilje, but the most impressive ones are those on the magical Island Uski Vir on the Rzav river.

ARLEMM organizes a summer music school, creative workshops, public classes, studio of singing, and has the special learning program adjusted for the youngest musicians (age 5, 6 and 7). When we add the most prominent names in Serbian musical scene to that, like Jovan Kolundzija, Slobodan Trkulja, Stefan Milenkovic, Vlatko Stefanovski and many others, we can easily say that ARLEMM is already recognized as the cultural lighthouse of Western Serbia.

The opening of the Manifestation is reserved for the concert of Dragan Đorđević Suzuki, Stefan Popov and the Orchestra from the music school for young talents in Ćuprija. During the Festival you can attend concerts of Divna Ljubojevic, Bisera Veletanlić & Vasil Hadžimanov band, Aleksandra Radonjić, Marko Luis, Divanhana, Salsa y Punto and many others. Check the  whole program on

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