"Their interpretation is interwoven with a distinctly balanced tone, warm sound, refined feeling for phrasing, measured expressiveness, careful dynamics and inherent comprehension of the ensemble parts. The overall tone shows the perfect harmony of the trio members.” Tisa Jukić

Meet Trio Anime, three amazing violinists: Dušica Mladenović, Mina Đekić and Marina Popović. They started out as a quartet in 2014, with Marina playing viola and Teodora Nikolić the cello. In 2019, with the support of SOKOJ, they released their first CD “Refleksija” (Metropolis Music). Consisting of solo violin sonatas and violin trios by Dejan Despić and Ian Wilson (the latter works written especially for Dušica and ensembles led by her), “Refleksija” (meaning reflection) presents a musical dialogue between two composers from Serbia and Ireland. It involves tension, gentleness, drama, atmosphere, intellect, precision, and musical democracy.

What is so special about this trio? First of all, the very fact that the ensemble consists of three violins. Secondly, despite the foregoing, their program covers classical music repertoire from Baroque to this very moment. Last but not least, their musicality and unity give a new perspective on what it means to be an artist today and inspire them to go further in exploring new pieces and sounds. As Dušica says “we all play in orchestras, but it is important to find and express your own sound”. Playing like they grew up on stage together, it seems like these three are a perfect match whether they play well-known chamber music (Mozart, Telemann), pieces inspired by Serbian folklore (M. Tajčević, D. Kostić) or music by 20th/ 21st century composers (Despić, Wilson). The best thing that can happen in music is to be surprised – thanks to these three young ladies, the surprise is overwhelming! Check out their video.

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