Considering the variety of interests Sonja Kalajić has, we can freely say that this is one true 21th Century renaissance artist! Violin is her main instrument (which she graduated at The Faculty of Musical Arts in Belgrade, class of prof. Dejan Mihailović), and she is the first professional saw player in Serbia! She learned to play this unusual instrument from one of the greatest argentin experts – Rodrigo Gera. But there is more – in 2011 she perfects playing castanets with famous Inma Gonzalez in Barcelona with whom she performs.

Sonja was the first Serbian violinist attending specialization in the domain of interpretation and arrangement of Tango music in Buenos Aires with the most prestigious experts - Fernando Rodriguez and Enrique Postma. She founded numerous chamber ensembles (Duo Seme, Duo Maska, Quintecho, Trio Singidunum and the present Sensartika quartet) for which she arranged music. Beside working as an arranger, she is also a composer – she composed for TV shows, radio dramas, as well as other chamber ensembles and orchestras. The famous violinist Nemanja Radulovic, elected Sonja's composition "Vatra suze" (The fire of tears) on his album "Journey East" published by Deutsche Grammophon. Finaly, she appeared as an actress in theater and film for what she recieved rave reviews!

With Sensartika quartet she recorded two CD's 'How to listen to a concert' (with different subtitles: 'History of dance – from the Middle Ages to boggie- woogie' and 'The ball of a romantic world'). And in case you ever wondered how can a saw sound tender and be tame – Sonja gives the answer on her CD ’Saw friendly’! Check it out!

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