They will make you think, make you laugh, make you a bit sad just in order to surprise you again and make you smile.

Violinist Ivan Simeunović (SHAKE) and pianist Milivoje Veljić (SPEAR) are academic musicians from Serbia and devotees of music inheritance of their country. They have formed a duo called Shake & Spear, with desire to nourish this rich tradition through stylized forms on their own instruments. They are presenting the music of their roots with a unique music performance – by leading audience through the show in a “Shakespearean” manner, they announce the popular melodies of Serbian music with verses and rhymes. Milivoje is the author of the lyrics to the songs while Ivan sings very nicely and does it often for the Shake & Spear duo.

Ivan Simeunović was born in Valjevo. He travelled throughout Europe with violin in his hands, performing as a member of some of the most prestigious orchestras and chamber ensembles. He regularly performs with “Royal Strings of St. George”, Del Gesu quartet and the infinity quintet. He works as a teacher at “Josif Marinković” Music school in Belgrade.

Milivoje Veljić graduated from the Department for piano, got his PhD at the Department for chamber music (D.M.A.), and is employed as an art associate at the Department for singing at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He is a member of the Association of Music Artists of Serbia.

… we’ll bow and strike a string,
Slavic spirit we’ll set our free to swing
We’ll make these wonderful instruments sing.

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