Petar Čulić is a talented guitarist and a composer from Split. Until now, he published two CD’s as a performer, and one as an author as well. This is a CD called simply 12 original pieces which you can hear often on ClassicAll radio.

He was enrolled at the Academy as “specially gifted” before graduating from high school. Petar has been composing since the age of 7 when he started his musical education, but his first significant inspiration was the novel “The Little Prince” by the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. That is also the name of one compositions from his CD that might be the most complete one, but we would like to point out "The Distance" and a piece of enigmatic title "M" as well, for their originality and fine sense of  mood and atmosphere. Čulić’s talent is twofold: from one side there is a Mediterranean vocal singing that pulls into the fields of popular music, while from the other stands a notable talent for depicting dramatic and lyric moods – deeply melancholic and as a contrast bright and joyful emotions.’ (Đurđa Otržan, magazine Cantus)

All of that makes him an author who stands out in the scene of guitar players and composers! See for yourself! Listen now!