Although it may seem that in order to become a world class musician, it is necessary to start learning an instrument at an early age, it is not always the case. Neda Nikolić now holds the position of the best young piper in Serbia, and she only started playing flute when she was thirteen! By the age of eighteen she had appeared in numerous domestic and foreign television and radio shows, held concerts in Switzerland, US and Russia and was the guest of honour at the concert of world renowned multi-instrumentalist Slobodan Trkulja. She is a student of maestro Bora Dugic and with her love and dedication to this particular type of music she has gained a place in his book “Treatise on Flute”.

This year World Music Asocication of Serbia released her CD: Dance for piano and fife. Neda`s friend and colleague Veljko Nenadić plays the piano and it is truly fascinating how this unusual combination makes the instuments complete each other! On this CD you can find six of Veljko’s original compositions, and seven arrangements of the existing songs. It is almost unbelievable that Veljko and Neda are only 18 years old, and that the music they create together has such musical and emotional maturity! It is full of charge, nostalgia, melancholy, struggle, joy, sorrow, verve and playfulness! With Jazz harmonies, influences of Serbian traditional music and classical background, this CD will lead you to a wonderful unexpected journey! Don’t miss it!

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