NaissBlue, the jazz ensemble from Nis, Serbia, was formed in 2012 by the trumpeter Marjan Cvetanović and the pianist Bojan Bojković. Still, on each record this unique pair gets reinforcement in the shape of bass and drums. In the first album - Radio Sessions, it was Dimitrije Simović (bass), Ivan Cvetković (drums) and Goribor Željko Ljubić (guitar). This album consists of the original jazz with modern arangements, post bop and occasional excursions in the avant-garde sound.

As soon as the folowing year, in 2015. Second Cut is released, continuing the ideas from the first album. It feels like the trumpet - piano junctures are showing us the two sides of the 21st century - a time to slow down and let our self a bit of sensitivity that comes out of the beautiful melodic lines, only to return afterwards to everyday hurry with the furious improvisations. These ideas are perfectly followed by Luan Osmani’s bass lines.

The Art of Mr. Simjanovic is their latest album and it represents the colaboration with the Serbian composer Zoran Simjanović. The famous Simjanović’s themes observed through the jazz binoculars give honour to the best Serbian film composer, but at the same time represent almost authentic compositions intended for the audience that is not necessarily familiar with the Serbian cinematography. It’s enough to simply love listening to good jazz.

One such example is the well known Simjanović’s gipsy theme from the ’87. movie Guardian Angel. Check out what it sounds like now, 30 years later with the Naiss-blue notes.