One of the leading trumpet soloists in Serbia and the Balkan region, Mladen Đorđević started playing the trumpet when he was just 6 years old. He graduated and received his MA degree from the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade where he still teaches as a regular professor. He has been filling the role of the first trumpet soloist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra in the period of 1991-2011.

Even though we mostly relate the trumpet with jazz, this powerful instrument has a rich history in classical music and Mladen Đorđević is an artist that knows how to invoke all of its diversity: warm and peaceful sound when playing baroque pieces in perfect harmony with the organs, or comic and playful addition to the piano in a Shostakovich Concerto, if you prefer the 20th century music. These are just a few examples of Mladen Djordjevic’s wide repertoire in which the special place is reserved for promoting music of contemporary Serbian composers.

However, jazz is not an unknown field to this artist at all. In 2004 he founded the "Jazzical" ensemble which performs jazzy tunes of Grgin, Garson and Booling! Check it out!