Milena Jančurić is a gifted flutist from Novi Sad. She studied at the Belgrade Faculty of Music and after at the Berklee College of Music. In Boston she graduated at the Performers Department in 2013. with a special recognition: Performance Division Dean's Award in Recognition of Outstanding Musicianship.

Although she has a classical education, the time spent in USA has helped her sensibility and expression to evolve in new directions – towards improvisation and creating her own music. In 2013. she founds the ensemble Milena Jančurić Trio.

She also played in many orchestras, chamber ensembles, ad hoc bands and groups like Lazar Novkov & Frame Orchestra, Sanja Marković Ascension Project, Aleksandar Dujin Orchestra, Women of the World, Tomoko Ozawa Quintet and many more. Since 2016 she she is engaged on the project “Internal Compass” in Jerusalem, were she gives masterclasses and plays her original music all around Israel.

One of the things that makes Milena’s performance everything but typical is her gentle and trembling sound and the distinctive feeling for leading melody in various directions. She corresponds to other instruments with such ease and has the on-going joy of making music. Listening to her is like talking a walk on a beautiful day. Go straight to that sunny trek by following her Purple shoes steps.

Listen to Milena on Soundcloud