Marija Popovic is a talented and successful Serbian pianist.

She has undertaken varous studies in her hometown of Belgrade, including specializations in classical, romantic and 20th century piano music. Beside studying performance arts with famous teachers Arbo Valdma & Vladimir Cvijic, she has also taken a specialist course in Spanish music at the Conservatorio Palma de Mallorca.

In 2016. she was chosen by C Music TV as an artist who will represent this prestigious music house along with Lang Lang and Piano guys! Also, a premiere of her first short movie about Mozart was held the same year, and Marija was signed as an author and a director! This is actually the first video of this sort, which represents a unique vision and intrumental interpretation of Mozart’s Lacrimosa and Dies Irae!

Her second video was released at Christmas in 2016., and this time it was Vivaldi’s Winter. The most famous baroque piece was her second project as a director and a performer and it represents a unique mixture of Vivaldi’s epoque, Venice and fairy-tales.

At the beginning of the 2018. she proudly presented her third video for which she has chosen the piece ‘’Cordoba’’ by Isaac Albeniz. Calm and peaceful piano sound evokes the images of the city Cordoba and its monumental architecture – the Grand cathedral. Hence the reduced scenography and the absence of the lavish colors, presented in previous videos, came like a natural choice.

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