A truly aristocratic artist of the highest intellectual spirit and human warmth...”
(Dafydd Llywelyn, President of the 24.Jeunesses Musicales International Competition)

Besides her rich performing experience and successful professor career, Maja Rajković is always curious about re-exploring the piano repertoire, to the delight of the wider audience. Not without reason is she the critics cosset and receives only praise for her unique musical way of thinking and interpretation - whether it is referring to her “bel-canto” and wonderful legato melodic lines, her feeling for ultra-polyphony or her pianistic nerve and temperament that leaves the listener overwhelmed.

She held her first recital when she was 14, and her devotion to the concert activity was awarded in 2013. with the Silver medal of the University of Arts in Belgrade for special achievement on concert podium. In 2014. she got a PhD degree writing about the subject “Polyphonic way of musical thinking” from the Academy of Music in Belgrade. She performed in every significant festival in the region, but also in Europe and USA concert halls, both as a soloist and a chamber musician.

Whether it is baroque, romanticism or contemporary pieces, she expresses a wide range of emotions, bringing a massive sound or tender melodies. That is why she’s called ‘a soloist of flesh and blood whom you remember’ (Zorica Kojic, Danas).

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