Epic, cinematic, dramatic Alvanovic … capable of knocking you off your feet. ALL ABOUT JAZZ

MajaMisty TriO created the unique lyrical style ‘’often melancholic, sometimes exuberant but always enchanting’’ mostly thanks to the leading pianist Maja Alvanovic. Maja’s musical expression originates in the author’s long experience in classical music and her affinity to jazz. Moreover, she bravely turned to composing instead of perfectioning her playing with standard jazz repertoire. Maja connects the separate worlds of delicate classical sensibility and the contemporary European jazz, spiced up by the hints of a Balkan musical heritage.

On that path, she has the mighty reinforcement - the experienced double bass player Ervin Malina and the drummer Lav Kovač.

Majamisty recorded three CD’s: Mistyland, Love and Organic which were higly praised by some of the most prestigious magazines.

Simply by looking at the name of the ensemble ‘’Majamisty’’ we come across the direction of where this music is going to take us – somewhere In between the mist of subtle moods and emotions, but at the same time this music is full of surprises and sudden turns. Just like walking by the Danube, when Suddenly Japan appears in front of you.

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