Classical elegance, jazz freedom and rock’n’roll power’’! Carnegie hall, New York, 2014

Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović started playing together in 2004 as LP Duo. In the next 15 years this specific piano duo will become one of the most interesting and innovative ensembles in Serbia and in the whole region.

After graduating in Serbia and finishing their master studies in Germany, Sonja and Andrija got their PhD in Belgrade Faculty of Music in 2018 So far they have performed successfully all over the Europe, USA and in Singapore, but if we had to single out one concert it would probably be the one at the Carnegie Hall in 2014 As a duo LP won many prestigious awards, and in the year 2008 they were announced as one of the 8 best piano duos on the Globe at the biggest world competition Miami Dranoff Two Pianos at Florida (you can check their full biography here).

LP Duo are founders of the festival Keyboard Days Belgrade, the first festival in Serbia dedicated to various keyboard instruments, technology and new music. They are also the co-authors in the project Quantum Music during which they developed, along with engineers, a completely new instrument – Hybrid Piano. With this unique instrument that has a special hardware mechanism, Sonja and Andrija can easily manipulate any digital sound, light or video. And that is just what they masterly did on their 15th birthday celebration concert at the Kolarac Hall, leaving the audience hypnotized by the Collapse of the minimalist sound, melancholic and awakening at the same time.

Their discography encompasses 7 CDs published in Serbia, Croatia, Denmark and Netherlands. In addition to performing activities they compose music for theaters in Serbia and Slovenia, film, TV, dance choreography, visual art projects, popular music, and so on. Since 2016 they also perform as the LP Elektro, creating new fans and followers!