The Belgrade-born pianists, Lidija and Sanja Bizjak are two exquisite musicians and their creative individues bring out the best in them when the sisters are joined and performing together. Both of them completed their studies at the Paris Conservatoire in Jacques Rouvier’s class – Lidija went there after she graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Music, and Sanja was only 12 when she became his student.

They pursued their career mostly in France, but with constant concert activity in Italy, UK, Spain, Japan and Serbia. Although one of Lidia’s favorite composers is Maurice Ravel, her first recording includes Schubert and Schumann sonatas, and the first CD Sanja made was with Rachmaninoff’s Etudes – Tableaux.

In 2002 they kicked off their duo career performing with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and won two special prizes at the ARD Munich Piano Duo competition in 2005.

The most striking thing about the Bizjak piano duo is the 20th Century repertoire they choose to play and the way they interpret it – breathtaking, electryfing, dazzling, inteligent and witty when needed! Whether it is Carnival des Animaux, Stravinsky’s Petrushka or Rite of the Spring, or even Martinu’s and Poulenc’s concertos the critiques have showered these two with praise.

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