Hearing the word "tango" instantly invokes the image of a man and a woman dancing in eachother’s arms, sharing a special moment and enjoying life through music. There is so much more to be said about tango and thanks to the Libercuatro ensemble the audience has the opportunity to exeprience it. Although you might have thought Libercuatro is a quartet, there are actually five artists gathered under the name Libercuatro and they promote traditional tango and tango nuevo in the best possible way! Pieces of Astor Piazzolla hold special place on their repertoire, but there are also Carlos Gardel, Anibal Troilo, Horacio Salgan, Sebastian Piana, Pedro Laurenz, Francisco Canaro and many others in their repertoire.

Libercuatro has a very high level of performance, a specific, sophisticated interpretation, as well as an exceptional energy level. The pianist Ksenija Ristic is the creator, author of musical arrangements and the artistic director of the ensemble. The marvelous vocals of Branislava Podrumac and Natasa Radovanovic make tango singing persuasive and energetic, introducing new nuances thanks to their trained voices. Violin and accordion are the two instruments crucial to tango and in that area the exquisite violinst Martina Dimic Radovanovic and the accordion virtuoso Damir Odobasic add that necessary flavor to every composition.

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