To be aware of the great talent one possesses, to receive the highest recognition and to stay humble is a rare combination of virtues, but a sure way of becoming a true artist.

The first Serbian D.M.A. in Jazz piano, Dimitrije Vasiljević, fits this description completely and there is a great deal to say about him. The path of his piano career started in Belgrade Faculty of Music and led all the way to Berklee Boston, New York University Steinhart, University of Illinois and finally (for the time being) Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. On his peregrination in America, he explored music, trying not to join any school of thought and to develop the unique style of modern jazz by combining his concert performing experience and academic methods.

He has two author albums published: The Path of Silvan (with a quartet) and Metaphor (solo piano). His compositions are founded on a very original vocabulary and are being characterized as sensitive music of deep and rewarding beauty (Jean Michel Pilc). One of the reasons for this lies in his wide perspective of jazz as expandable genre that involves elements of diverse musical traditions, mainly from the Balkans.

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