''She is an artist with that “one-(wo)man army” quality. That is hugely impressive in every way.” Djordje Matić (Novosti/Zagreb)

For the past thirty years Branka Parlic has been a tireless advocate of contemporary music, respectively minimalism and post minimalism. Working as a piano teacher at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, lecturer and artistic director of the concert series New Ears for New Music, she has engaged diverse audiences throughout the Region and Europe with the music of our time.

Through the years, this impressive pianist built an incomparable stylistic purity. Her interpretations of Satie or Glass for example, are considered among the best and are being regularly broadcasted on major Radio and Television stations in Region as well as on the British Classic FM TV and C Music TV. If there was a pantheon of great pianists, someone said, she would definitely have a special place.

In 2021 her album Erik Satie - Inities 2017. received the silver medal for outstanding achievement from the Global Music Awards.

Branka’s performance of Opening from "Glassworks" was described as a stroke of genius because she creates something ethereal through her interpretation. However, it seems like the transcendental feeling is present almost every time she plays.

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