If you belong to a group of listeners that listen to the radio to give in to the music completely, the interpretation of Bosko Jovic is something that will give you special delight. We are talking about the 10 numbers from his first solo CD (Awakening, 2013) where except the title number, 9 compositions are instrumental arrangements of the well known songs from the Balkans – sevdalinkas from Bosnia and Herzegovina, two songs from Macedonia and one from Kosovo.

What makes this CD special is the unique combination of classical guitar imbued with sevdah, along with the supreme but discrete jazz improvisation accompanied sometimes with gentle colours of clarinet and double bass. This unique sound will take you on a path through Balkans, to some past times when the questions of the heart were expressed in a pure way, through simple verses and most subtle feelings. Jovic is using his strings to tell us a story weaved by a beautiful but painful emotion and by doing so is making this music universally understandable even without lyrics. Like one critique wrote – Bosko, as a true master, manages to create an illusion that guitar expels vocal parts which makes him an attractive artist for a wide audience – ranging from Tommy Emmanuel fans to the aficionados of the Vlatko Stefanovski’s style!

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