Piano duo Barabar was founded in 2016. by pianists Jasmina Raković and Ružica Gojković. The word barabar stands for side by side, equal, together and is just the right description of Jasmina's and Ružica's relationship – as fellow artists, musicians, colleagues, and above all as friends.

Both of them work at the "Mokranjac" music high-school in Belgrade (as accompanists and piano teachers), and the idea of forming a piano duo came to them during a professors' concert in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Hall. This was somewhat a natural sequence of events when considering their rich experience in playing chamber music throughout high-school and college. Today, Jasmina is also a part of a trio called Music for a While and Ružica is a member of the Kvadrema quartet. Since September 2019. they are attending Ph.D. studies for chamber music at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade (the class of prof. Dejan Subotić).

Their individual repertoire includes all the epochs, but when playing together their program mostly consists of the late 19th and 20th Century composers: Prokofiev, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Lutoslawski... In 2019, as a part of celebrating the 200th anniversary of Clara Schuman, they performed a series of well recognized concerts in Prijepolje and Belgrade in rememberance of this great German pianist and composer (read here).

Some of their performances include Piano City festival in Novi Sad (they premiered the work of a young Serbian composer Jug K. Marković called Rave for two pianos), Fourth international piano festival in Subotica and Chopin Roma competition where they were awarded third place.

Both Jasmina and Ružica are very much praised for their virtuosity and mature interpretation by the precise hearing of Serbian critics. When you listen to their heavenly performance of Scriabin’s Fantasie in a-minor for two pianos with its perfect balance of lightness and firmness you will understand why.

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