Aleksandar Simić is widely hailed as one of the brightest and most intriguing in his generation of composers. That does not come as a surprise having in mind his collaborations and commissions from such institutions as the United Nations, Vatican, US State Department, Russian Federation, NASA or Yad Vashem.

His opus encompasses hundreds of pieces in all genres of classical music (solo, chamber, vocal, choir, orchestral), but he has also composed music for theater, film, television and even international sports competitions! Back in 2005 he founded a chamber ensemble, Aleksandar Simić & The Seraphim, delivering a unique and exciting mixture of musical genres in a convincing cross-over of Simić’s well known contemporary classical sound with various other musical styles, such as tango, byzantine, klezmer, Broadway or jazz.

Besides music, Mr. Simić is well-known for his public advocacy. Over the years, his reputation of a humanitarian and a social activist has been established through his persevering work in the fields of inter-religious dialogue, peace mediation, human rights and in numerous charity campaigns.

Many of his pieces have been used to mark important jubilees across the globe. One such example is the piece commissioned by the UN for the organization's 66th Anniversary. Before embarking on this 18 minute long journey around the world, he has carefully charted the route, by picking out various cultures, countries, and the musical idioms that will represent them – such as Hungarian Czardas, Spanish Flamenco, American Blues or the Japanese Taiko. This ‘’anthropological’’ music adventure for the symphony orchestra starts with the well recognizable Serbian trumpet sound! Pack your bags - the world Under one roof is waiting. Check out Aleksandar's SoundCloud profile!