Grease: 40 Years of Prom

As soon as the flattering 90th Birthday of the prestigious American Academy award was celebrated and all the fuss surrounding it started to slowly cool down, we’re nearing another film jubilee which will, I believe, put a smile on many people’s faces. We are referring to the Rendal Kleiser’s musical “Grease”, which was filmed 40 years ago! […]

The Anthem Of The Eternal Bohemians: The Rhapsody Of Our Lives

Although classical music is considered serious and reserved for a special type of audience, great composers have always had an influence on jazz and pop / rock musicians. It was back in ’45 when Sinatra sang lyrics to a theme from Rachmaninoff’s concerto. Bands like Procol Harum, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, The Beach Boys, The […]

Soul Bandages And The Holograms Of Love

Valentine’s day has passed and the gifts have been exchanged. Now it’s up to love birds to care about each other and please one another for the next 364 days, regardless of the date. And what happens when the ”Valentine’s day’’ is over, that is – when your relationship breaks? Do you save your precious […]

А Certain smile

Dostoevsky once said that the way we smile can reveal all our secrets. The sweetest way to smile or laugh is when we are with friends, but the smile that reveals the most is the one we usually hide. That smile makes us eager to be left alone, just so we don’t have to share […]

Picnic On Five Continents

The first landmark one notices on the way to the center of Marseille coming from the airport is the glistening aqueduct – the stone engulfed in the Provence sun is the most beautiful garnish of the long channel that has been providing drinking water for Marseille since the 19th Century. Later in the same epoch, […]


Spain, in the time of the Beatles An English teacher in a province school and one of the biggest fans of the famous Liverpool four, makes up an excuse for the school’s principal about his sudden absence and sets out on a journey! The reason for this benign lie is very important – John Lennon is […]

The Fabulous Summer of Amélie Poulain

When we look at the images of Earth spinning in space and (thanks to the Internet) listen to its peculiar song which sounds a bit like the wind blowing, we are overwhelmed by the feeling of complete peace and timelessness. However, unlike this space scene, the Earth on ‘the ground level’ is completely opposite – […]

Breakfast 🥐☕ and Lipstick 💄

One of the possible answers to a question ’what women want’ can be hidden in the least expected of places – breakfast! Because, if there is a certain dynamic during the week in the way we start our days, that by itself is already some guarantee of pleasure. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, coffee and […]

Soundtrack for Her

Imagine eavesdropping on a conversation between two people in love and hearing the following:  Theodore: How many others? Samantha: 8,316. Theodore: Are you in love with anybody else? Samantha: Why do you ask that? Theodore: I do not know. Are you? Samantha: I’ve been thinking about how to talk to you about this. Theodore: How […]