Grease: 40 Years of Prom

As soon as the flattering 90th Birthday of the prestigious American Academy award was celebrated and all the fuss surrounding it started to slowly cool down, we’re nearing another film jubilee which will, I believe, put a smile on many …

The Timeless Gospel Of The Ultimate Survivor

Before becoming ’’the Godfather of soul’’ and ’’the hardest working man in show-biz’’, he was just a cute boy called ’Little Junior’ or later ’Music Box’. His aunt once told him ’’the world will hear about you’ one day’ and she was right!


New York State Of Mind

Cities are like women, one writer said. Some of them you like because of the way they look, others you love because of what is inside them. Some cities are luring us to their sumptuo…

Pinocchio & Peter Pan :)

If it was possible to look at the seasons with some kind of imaginary binoculars, then today’s picture would be quite unusual – summer and fall waving to us, one saying goodbye, the other one saying hello!

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