Mo’ Better Blues - The Jazz Lust

What kind of music do you prefer listening to on the radio, while driving or resting, for example? Do you stop at a station when you hear a song from your youth, fast rhythm or maybe some casual love ”stuff”? If the latter would come as your choice, it is quite possible that you are a romantic person, opposite to those who are bothered by the sorrowful lyrics and another love song is the last thing in the world they need, to paraphrase the quote from the movie Mo’ Better Blues.

Mo’ better, as the ‘other side of pure emotions’, is the slang for passionate love making – like it is the last time you are doing it. However, no true affection is present, except the pure lust: ”We are not dating, we just have a mo’ better agreement”. How would, then, the Mo’ better blues sound like? Like jazz lust that could last for hours, between the trumpet and saxophone.

Our playlist begins with the music from this movie – the main theme played by Wynton Marsalis while Denzel Washington performed it on the screen – and it continues in the smooth rhythm of the legendary jazz wind players – Miles, Baker, Getz, Parker…. In a nutshell – the trumpet & the saxophone for any time of the day!


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