The Girl From Bahia

In Brazil, during the mid of the 20th Century when samba was the most popular genre along with jazz led by Frank Sinatra, a group of musicians started gathering and making new songs just for fun. Singing in low volume, so the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed, playing the guitars and the piano quietly, the new rhythm ”bossa nova” was created. Simple melodies and sophisticated harmonies evoked romance and sensuality in every corner; when all men became seducers and bossa nova the music that will seduce the world. For that we firstly thank Joao Gilberto, Vinisius de Moraes, Tom Jobim, also Calros Lyra, Nara Leon and many others.

The most famous bossa nova song about the girl that passes by the cafe on her way to the beach teasing the viewers’ longing looks will be the turning point in life of another young lady. In the early 60’s Girl from Ipanema will be sung by the girl from Bahia – Astrud Gilberto. Soon she will conquer the world with her sweet appearance and melodic voice with heavy Portuguese accent, and followed by the giants of bossa nova she will record the most significant songs of this genre.

Today, on March 29. on her 77th birthday, we remind you of some of the most beautiful songs she sang.


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