Soul Bandages And The Holograms Of Love

Valentine’s day has passed and the gifts have been exchanged. Now it’s up to love birds to care about each other and please one another for the next 364 days, regardless of the date. And what happens when the ”Valentine’s day’’ is over, that is – when your relationship breaks? Do you save your precious trinkets from short and long-termed relationships? Photos, objects, any kind of memories?

Maybe you’ve already thrown them away; maybe they are still somewhere stashed in the drawer or on a shelf; maybe they are collecting dust on your desk for years. Is it perhaps possible that they are a part of the setting in the Museum of broken relationships? Exposed for public eyes the ”holograms of our emotions and memories now lead an independent life, while witnessing about the material and intangible heritage of broken relationships” (this is how the authors of the exhibition, ex-partners, explained the art concept of the museum in Zagreb). What kind of a message would you leave on a museum wall for your ex-love?

We cannot put our exes in a museum, but sooner we start looking at them as exhibit pieces – the better. How does one free ones heart from the bitter memories and transit into the ”sunny day without memory’’ with as little as possible damage? Because, ”blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders’’, like Nietzsche said. But oblivion comes slowly, day by day, month, year… Or, could it be faster?

It can. All you need to do is to pick up all the things that remind you of the one you love but would gladly like to forget and take them to your doctor’s office. You will then share your love story with him followed by as much details as you can remember – vacations, romantic moments, arguments, laughs, long talks… Your personal confession will then become a ”memory map’’.  In the moment when the procedure of removing your memories starts, this map will guide the computer connected to your brain and direct the ”path’’ it is ”going along’’ and deleting. When you wake up, the memory of that particular person is gone, and you are ready for a fresh start. A dream scenario!

Actually, this is the scenario of the movie ”Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’’. The true question is would this artificial way of forgetting really help us ‘’fix things’’ the second time and to make different choices? Or would going back right to the starting point and repeating the same mistakes turn out to be inevitable sooner or later. After all, we haven’t really changed. Is it possible at all to ”change your heart’’ like the song says?



Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Also, there would be another catch with this ”memory deleting’’ concept, even if it was possible. Having such a fabricated ”spotless mind’’, our life would also become a museum exhibit in the end, and not a particularly impressive one at that. Instead of containing rough movements of the brush, paper yellowed from age, pieces missing in the magnificent mosaic or an old facade patched by a gigantic bandage, we get one perfect white wall – with no traces of honest mistakes and no possibility of writing one day”Thanks for the memory” .

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