Nemanja Radulovic: The Strings Of Life

–          Do you like classical music?

–          Most certainly! Especially Bach, the perfection of harmony and mathematic accuracy…

–          I love it! Mostly Mozart, he calms me down.

–          No one is equal to Wagner, everything ends with him!

–          Yes! Rachmaninoff’s pieces have elements that no composer managed to unite.

–         Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Satie…

–          Yes, I do, Nemanja Radulovic! (an answer of a five year old girl)

Although it is quite possible that most answers would coincide with the aforementioned names, the first part of this mini questionnaire was not really carried out, but the girl is real. We don’t know her name, but we do know that she wore a red dress on the concert where she waited patiently at the end for the violinist to come out on the stage to bow again. She gave him flowers, got a kiss and a hug in return, and most certainly, when it comes to classical music, her answer would be: Nemanja.

That is, perhaps, the first impression two days after Nemanja Radulovic held his first concert in Belgrade, at Kolarac Hall. For some period now this striking artist has an army of fans worldwide, but also ’’at home’’ which is said to be the toughest thing to achieve. Moreover, he has the charisma to also invigorate both the audience that is not regular on classical concerts and parents to bring their little ones to hear and see something special, regardless of the fact that it was long past their bed time.

Exquisite artists have always been given nicknames which described in a word or two the talent unseen up until that moment. Paganini for example, was called the ’’Devil’s violinist’’ more than 200 years ago, and Nemanja is ’’the Sorcerer with the violin’’ of the 21st Century. His styling and flamboyant black hair have most certainly contributed to that, however besides his devilish feel for music and the ease of playing the most difficult segments, this merry sorcerer knocks us off our feet with his smile and spontaneity. That would be the second impression of the concert, but for sure the first one you get when he talks to you – from the stage or in person. The legerity with which he greats the audience at Kolarac like they were his own guests, created during the years an unbreakable bond between them that strengthens with every new concert. Оnce more the warmth and the magical closeness filled the space around Nemanja and the listeners who surrounded him as well as the already well known faces of the Serbian-French troupe that has been performing together for 10 years.

Double Sens ensemble celebrated its 10th anniversary on February 4th and 5th, with the soloist that constantly leads concerts without conducting. Nemanja ’’runs’’ this orchestra in an ideal way – simply enjoying in making music with his friends, paying attention to every person and ’’chatting’’ with everyone through a dialog on the strings. And according to the program the dialogs can be pleasant, serious, cheerful, emotional, some pass in a moment, some repeat with the increasing feeling of weight, others are only completed by silence. However, not even one is forgotten. With this kind of a ’’live scene’’ Nemanja who captures your sight, directs audience to his colleagues and makes the whole experience more interesting.

While we admire the way he masters and plays with the instrument, the compositions are changing along with the epochs and our emotions.  It started with the timeless Handel and Vivaldi which, most probably will not lose their sovereign status even in the next three Centuries and continued with the famous Bartok’s dances, Dvorak’s tender mother’s song, Man’s world by Kusturica and romantic and playful Shostakovich. After Fibich’s divine Poem and Khachaturian’s effective Sabre’s have passed, the last word was given to the wonderful Scheherazade. The serious compositions enriched with the famous pieces because of which classical music is gladly listened to in Radulovic’s soft as a whisper interpretation becomes music that is loved and that is much needed.

New arrangements, a whistle alongside the violin at times, a bit of Southern Serbia singing, percussion, wigs worn by the ensemble as an imitation of their tousled leader (resembling a French court a bit), ’’Happy birthday’’ played in various ways, hopping, laughter, friendship, memories, tears, unreal orchestral colors, tension, melodies that speed up your heart beat…. What could be a better recommendation for an artist other than a concert that reflects the life itself.

Ivana Ljubinkovic

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  1. Jelena says: Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful article! Girl’s name is Dunja Lakic, she is 6 years old, really loves to listen Nemanja Radulovic, she will start her piano classes this year and she is dreaming of dancing ballet while Nemanja is playing violin. She wrote a letter to him! Kind regards
    Jelena Bozic

  2. ClassicAll Radio says: Reply

    Dear Jelena, thank you for the comment and the information about Dunja 🙂
    We wish her all the best in the future and for her dreams to come true 🙂
    (by clicking on the small Serbian flag on the right side, next to the title, you can read the original text 🙂 )
    Kind regards,
    Ivana Lj.

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