Dreaming With Mr. Guitar

Is it possible for just one day to have the power to change our entire life – to turn it  upside down, in a good or a bad way? When we sum everything up, can life be focused around 4 or 5 crucial days that have influenced its course irreversibly?  Regardless of all the good and the bad days you’ve ‘’walked through’’ so far, in big steps or in fast pace, do you still have dreams that make you feel awake? Not that long ago did a Nobel prize winner say that the mankind needs to start dreaming again!

 Facing (un)realized dreams we all have was beautifully shown in the movie “Riding car with boys”. This touching story was marked with a song that thanks to the Everly Brothers and the great Chet Atkins became a classic in the late 50’s. “All I have to do is dream” started its career in 1958., the career that lasts still, after 60 years. Not so intensively as in youth, but quite decent for its age – on a concert now and then, in new arrangements, on gramophones of everlasting LP lovers, and also on certain radio playlists. There is no better evergreen than this one for the opening of the ‘’list of dreams’’ – those we are dreaming while fast asleep, but also the dreams that come in the minutes right before falling asleep. In those quiet moments everything is possible, especially if the film you are directing has the right background music. And with Chet you cannot go wrong.

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