А Certain smile

Dostoevsky once said that the way we smile can reveal all our secrets. The sweetest way to smile or laugh is when we are with friends, but the smile that reveals the most is the one we usually hide. That smile makes us eager to be left alone, just so we don’t have to share it with anyone else. Sometimes a smile can hide behind someone’s shoulder in order not to be noticed. Just imagine how many random passers-by “caught” other people smiling that way…. In those moments they almost become your accomplice, because unlike the person you are hugging they see your smiling face.

What is the recommended course of action? How should you behave in moments when one would most rather jump out of one’s own skin from happiness but it cannot be done in front of the significant other, for the sake of dignity? In the already traditional Christmas movie ‘’Love actually’’, there is a scene that offers a possible solution – going behind a wall and silently shaking in excitement for about 5 seconds, and after that returning to the person that is waiting for you as if nothing happened and saying: ‘’Ok, that is done…’’

So, bear in mind that sometimes ”obvious” casualness and indifference can actually be a sign that things are not always what they seem to be … Maybe a girl turned her back to you that one time just so she could give you a proper smile 😊

Every once in a while moments happen, when certain smiles just appear out of nowhere and get suddenly exchanged between two people. These smiles catch the actors off guard, which makes hiding them unnecessary. In the 50’s,  everything like the music was far more moderate. By consequence, kisses and hand holding had a much more profound meaning than today. However, the kiss has always carried various attributes – true, untrue, superficial, passionate, transient, incomplete…. but not laughter. That is why the laughter or the smiles we share are most often remembered – because of their genuineness and the fact that it cannot be forced by anyone.

Those who succeeded in making us laugh, even if it’s someone we met just once, have insured the permanent place in our memory.  We would say that they become unforgettable.

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