Spain, in the time of the Beatles

An English teacher in a province school and one of the biggest fans of the famous Liverpool four, makes up an excuse for the school’s principal about his sudden absence and sets out on a journey! The reason for this benign lie is very important – John Lennon is shooting a movie in a small town in the south of his country.

The fifth Beatles – the nickname his pupils gave him – is the hero of the simple and true life story depicted in the movie Living is easy (line from Strawberry fields). However, this teacher is not a hero just because he doesn’t want to give up on his dreams regardless of his middle age, just because he persists in pursuing and chasing them and finally, fulfills them against all odds when he meets John Lennon – his musical and poetic role model; This simple and shy enthusiast is a true hero because during this adventure, he gets the chance to get revenge on a passer-by bully and by doing it, if for just one moment, he restores balance to the Universe. The balance which is in real life usually shaken, making it so we often need someone or something to save us. Often, even if we don’t ask for help out loud, inside our head we are most certainly calling for it. During these moments, the best salvation comes from within, when we act in a way we didn’t believe we are capable of, moving our own boundaries an by doing that becoming our own rescuers.

So, what happens when we gather up courage, do something brave and crazy, take care of the bad guy much stronger then us, making sure that the justice is served?! At first, in disbelief, an almost invisible smile of pleasure appears on our face. Then, as we start to shake in excitement, the smile slowly transitions into crazy laughter and shouting which finally sets us free and we call for help loud as we can! But the truth is – we don’t need help anymore.

Help! is the song Lennon wrote, expressing his own troubles and pains back in the 1965. and is also the title song of the fifth album by the Beatles, released on one hot summer day on August 6th.  

We are remembering John today, along with Paul, George, Ringo and a few other musicians that Beatles inspired to invent various ways to call for help – classical, jazz & rock! From Beatles to baroque and beyond!

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