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Breakfast 🥐☕ and Lipstick 💄

One of the possible answers to a question ’what women want’ can be hidden in the least expected of places – breakfast! Because, if there is a certain dynamic during the week in the way we start our days, that by itself is already some guarantee of pleasure.
Whether it’s breakfast in bed, coffee and croissant at the café, a few bars of chocolate on the run so you aren’t late for the streetcar, or a first meal in the early morning hours when the city awakes, and you, back from the night, are on your way home to sleep… You won’t rush while passing by your favorite places which in some special way fills you with hope – you stop and take a moment to eat your pastry quietly in front of a shop window. If you are in New York, that window could be Tiffany’s – a place where breakfast gets a new meaning. You eat your roll or pretzel with the last traces of lipstick and you move on, just like in the famous movie


An average woman, according to statistics, uses 5 shades of lipstick, and always carries 2 in her bag. Also, during her life, a woman swallows 2-3 kilos of lipstick.
Women put lipstick on in order to seduce men – or at least most of the times. Regardless of the fact who makes the first move, during his lifetime a man ingests 6 kilos of lipstick in average – by kissing a woman, of course.
‘Every fool is capable of seducing a woman’ – a famous writer wrote. ‘You can tell a man is mature enough if he knows how to leave her, too’. That is, which way he will choose to say goodbye when the end comes. Will it be in person or maybe by disappearing without a word, by sending an sms, by leaving a message on the answering machine or maybe by sending a letter.
In the past, when people were still exchanging letters, a girl could use a mailbox as a little chest in which she’d put her lipstick, mirror and a perfume. So, when the letter arrives – either touching or unconvincing – protection is at her fingertips, because, like Holly Golightly once said: ‘A girl can’t read that sort of a thing without her lipstick’.
Remember that ’very lovely and very frightened girl’ – the description her neighbour used while typing on his typewriter at the same moment she was sitting on her window, singing and playing a guitar?

If by any chance Bob Dylan was the one looking at her from the floor above, he would probably get his inspiration 5 years earlier for writing those famous lyrics that reveal a fragile girl underneath a strong, free woman. Just like a woman – this time you will hear in a bit more sensual performance of Charlotte Gainsbourg! And what could possibly sound better than a whisper of a french girl, even in English!?

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