Winter Sun ☀

”We love someone not because that someone deserves our love entirely and exclusively over others, but because we “poured sun rays onto that one person which gild and single them out from anything else in the world!” You have probably heard about solar systems having two suns, but have you ever wondered about your inner […]

Rooms of Splendour

Someone once said that if we want to be happy we need good health and a bad memory! As far as the memory is concerned, we don’t have to worry too much… Sometimes, some of them are resolved to stay with us forever, and we could say that they make us healthier!  But when it […]

The Sound of Silence

The feeling of being ‘lost in translation’ is not necessarily related to staying in a foreign country and not speaking the language. Many times we feel lost communicating with familiar people and in familiar places, which often leaves us with only one solution – to be quite. Howerver, even then we are trying to use […]