Pinocchio & Peter Pan :)

If it was possible to look at the seasons with some kind of imaginary binoculars, then today’s picture would be quite unusual – summer and fall waving to us, one saying goodbye, the other one saying hello! There are two moments during the year when a new beginning comes natural to us – in the […]


‘On a crisp fall day, the flagrant yellows and red of the autumn trees on the lesser bank of the Vltava guild the city’s already rich skyline. The Charles Bridge remains in the permanent tourist traffic jam long past the summer high season’! M. Kundera One of the most beautiful cities in the world – […]

Via ClassicAll ---> Paris

I love Paris in the springtime I love Paris in the fall I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles! Regardless of whether you’ve already been in Paris or it still has not been crossed over on your to-visit list, ClassicAll radio is offering you […]

Late Night Inspiration

ClassicAll’s radio choice of top ten pop-rock ballads of 20th Century inspired by classical music! For the ones that are not classical geeks – there is a description beside every song! Check the playlist on our youtube channel!     Share List

In the mood for love

Hong Kong, it’s the early 60’s. Two people accidentally became neighbors by moving in the same building at the same time, door-to-door. They are often lonely because of the frequent and long business trips of their spouses. She goes to the movies by her self, and while preparing to run down the hall like a […]