The Three B

If you were to ask someone which artists (actors, musicians, celebrities) they consider the icons of the 20th Century, you would probably get the most varied answers – The Beatles, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Brigitte Bardot, B. B. King… The list would go on forever, even if we only stuck with the ones starting with […]

Peter and The Wolf

Children were always considered the most sincere audience and thus the most demanding one! Because, there is no false applause – they will either love something or they will unequivocally show their protest. Back in 1936. the famous soviet composer Sergei Prokofiev faced the challenge of having children as musical critics when he was commissioned […]

From Greece to Brazil

Once upon a time in ancient Greece, the almighty Zeus and his divine family directed the lives of the ancient Greek people from the Mount Olympus. High in the mountains, a temple was built in honor of Zeus and in his glory a statue was erected as well made of ebony, ivory and gold! Since […]