George Gershwin: The Outrageous Glissando That Woke Up America

Around thirty years ago, the American composer, pianist and conductor Marvin Hamlisch said that it is not that difficult to comprehend the ‘’ingredients of Gershwin’s musical greatness”. It was, according to him, ”hot jazz, soulful blues melodies and the Old world music”, brought to America by the Jewish immigrants. Still, Hamlisch who is best known for […]

Sergei Rachmaninoff: In Search Of Homeland

As the famous conductor Valery Gergiev once said, there is no musician that could skip Sergei Rachmaninoff in his way of becoming a pianist. To this day this hasn’t changed, and it’s the same with classical music devotees – Rachmaninoff simply cannot be skipped. I would say, and it is not a subjective opinion, that […]

Grease: 40 Years of Prom

As soon as the flattering 90th Birthday of the prestigious American Academy award was celebrated and all the fuss surrounding it started to slowly cool down, we’re nearing another film jubilee which will, I believe, put a smile on many people’s faces. We are referring to the Rendal Kleiser’s musical “Grease”, which was filmed 40 years ago! […]

The Girl From Bahia

In Brazil, during the mid of the 20th Century when samba was the most popular genre along with jazz led by Frank Sinatra, a group of musicians started gathering and making new songs just for fun. Singing in low volume, so the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed, playing the guitars and the piano quietly, the new rhythm […]

Remembering Debussy (1862 – 1918): The Imaginary Getaway

What would music sound like today, if there was never a Clause Debussy – the first modernist composer that inspired Ravel, Messiaen, Stravinsky, Bartok, Glass and many other artists that marked the music of the 20th Century? They aren’t the only ones – if you are a jazz fan, you’ve probably stumbled across the name of […]

The Anthem Of The Eternal Bohemians: The Rhapsody Of Our Lives

Although classical music is considered serious and reserved for a special type of audience, great composers have always had an influence on jazz and pop / rock musicians. It was back in ’45 when Sinatra sang lyrics to a theme from Rachmaninoff’s concerto. Bands like Procol Harum, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull, The Beach Boys, The […]

The Flight of Marc Chagall

He wakes up, still sleepy and rheumy-eyed, and talks about how he flew above the village the whole night, looking at the roofs under the snow and the church, yellow with blue domes, street cleaners and hunched passers-by ….He speaks without stopping. His mother shuts him up unwilling to admit to herself how scared she […]

Бранислава Подрумац: Девојка са калеидоскопским очима

Не постоји бољи начин да размрдате лењу зимску недељу од одласка у позориште, било да је у питању концерт или представа. Још је лепши осећај када за уметност не морате да идете много даље од свог комшилука – знају они који живе у околини центра града. Ако сте из Земуна међутим, онда је за вас […]

Soul Bandages And The Holograms Of Love

Valentine’s day has passed and the gifts have been exchanged. Now it’s up to love birds to care about each other and please one another for the next 364 days, regardless of the date. And what happens when the ”Valentine’s day’’ is over, that is – when your relationship breaks? Do you save your precious […]